STEP 1: Understanding our Clients and Sourcing the Right Loan

Australia has many lenders and loan options on offer and we know it is not always easy selecting the right product. Our highly experienced team initiates the process by gaining a thorough understanding of your current financial position and where you aim to be in the future.

Axis Lending makes the application process clear and sets out to find the best lender, type of loan and product to suit your specific situation.

Our diligent approach begins by ensuring you have the funds to cover purchases this includes legal fees, stamp duty, mortgage insurance and any other expenses.

We help you become familiar with the features of your loan as well as fees and policies. Taking care of our clients means we collaborate with you to check that funds are available to complete transactions with confidence.

STEP 2: Applying for and Submitting your Loan

Axis Lending is with you through each step of the application and submission process. We strive to offer a streamlined service to our clients which means you deal directly with us as we ensure your application is handled in a timely and efficient manner.

Lenders require various documents relating to your current financial position when you apply for a home loan. We can assist with you in identifying the relevant information that is needed, depending upon the loan product and the lender that is selected.

Axis Lending can assist you and your finance broker with the collation of documents that are required to facilitate you loan approval.

STEP 3: The Approval Process

Once we receive your application an assessment will commence which includes a credit check, any property valuations, your borrowing and servicing capacity and an employment check. Upon successful completion of these checks, your loan will be approved.

In case we require more information, we will notify you and/or your mortgage broker for any additional information that is required. Once documentation has been finalised credit assessment continues for your final approval.

Once unconditional approval is received in writing, you can exchange contracts if you are purchasing a property subject to finance or complete your off the plan property transaction.

Next is the preparation and receipt of the loan contracts and mortgage documentation.

We encourage you to obtain independent legal and financial advice and we will also explain the agreements and documents relating to your purchase. Our aim is to support your understanding of the process so that you sign your documentation with clarity and confidence.

STEP 4: The Settlement Stage

Once all completed documentation is received by the lender your loan is booked in for settlement with your solicitor. Be aware that it can take up to 72 hours after the documents have been received.

STEP 5 - Post Settlement Care When it Counts

Axis Lending will contact you after your loan has settled to confirm the details relating to your loan as well as the repayments and the loan structure. Lending conditions may change so we will stay in touch with you to reassess if your loan is working optimally and if it is still the best product for your requirements.