Fixed Rate Loans - Stability of Fixed Commitments

If peace of mind means precise repayments each month then a fixed rate loan is the ideal loan for you. Your monthly repayments at the fixed rate of interest are set for a period of 1 to 5 years. Your rate remains the same regardless of fluctuations in interest rates, giving you less stress and more control over your budget.

What sets Axis Lending apart from the more punitive lending conditions associated with the banks is our offset account and free redraw facility available for fixed rate loans. Simply deposit your savings into the offset account to reduce your interest repayments and withdraw any money you need for free from the redraw facility.

Pay off extra amounts from your home loan without penalty! There is a maximum amount of additional repayments that you can make without penalty, contact us to find out more!

The Axis Advantage - Features and Benefits

  • A set rate of interest

    Know what your repayments are each month and budget with precision

  • Deposit your savings

    Top up your offset account and reduce your interest payments and draw out the money whenever you need extra funds

  • Fixed yet flexible

    Don’t miss out on an offset account and a free redraw facility because you chose a fixed rate

  • Pay extra off your loan without the punishing fees

    A penalty free way to pay off your loan sooner