Split Loans - Combining the Best of Fixed and Variable Loans

A split loan means you can choose to set up part of your loan as fixed and another part as variable or set up a loan portion to represent a specific use of funds. Be assured that as interest rates increase you won’t be overwhelmed by large repayments. When interest rates go down your repayment amount also decreases.

You allocate the exact amounts to pay into each part of the split loan. You can make extra repayments and use the variable part as a redraw facility. What about the fees? Will I have to pay double? The answer to both questions is no!

Axis Lending will not double up on fees if you choose a split loan. For those needing the best features from variable and fixed loans, the split loan gives you the flexibility of a variable rate and the security of a fixed rate in one very practical product.

The Axis Advantage - Features and Benefits

  • Maximise your choice

    Part of your loan is fixed and another part is variable. A rise in interest rates won’t set you back and if they fall repayments drop as well

  • No nasty extra fees

    Not all lenders are the same The Axis Lending advantage means you will not pay double on fees and charges when you choose a split loan

  • Choose your payment amounts

    You decide exactly how much to allocate to the fixed part and the variable part. Make extra payments and use the variable loan as a redraw facility

  • Flexibility and added security

    Get all the advantages of a variable rate and the stability of a fixed rate