Self Managed Super Fund Lending

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Self Managed Super Fund Lending

Time to take control and establish a Self Managed Super Fund? (SMSF) Axis Lending can help you branch out. More Australians are establishing a SMSF as a legal structure to prepare for retirement.

The fund can have one to four members, generally with a Corporate Trustee being established. The primary differences between a SMSF and other funds is that you are a trustee when you set up a SMSF. You run the SMSF for your benefit and must also ensure you comply with laws relating to tax and super.

Increasingly, SMSF’s are being used as a vehicle for the purchase of properties. It is critical that your investment strategy is set up to support the growth of your portfolio and remain compliant with tax laws. Axis Lending has access to industry professionals to assist you in establishing your own SMSF.

The Axis Advantage - Features and Benefits

  • Improve your property 
    Funds borrowed within your SMSF can be used for repairs and maintenance of properties
  • Acquire more 
    Loan amounts from $200,000 to $2,000,000 allowing you to acquire property worth more than your SMSF’s available funds
  • Repayment flexibility
    Choose either principal and interest or interest only loans or use your rental income
  • Choose between rates 
    Variable, fixed or split loans (a mix of fixed and variable)

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